2017 Tommy E Short Charitable Foundation





Tommy Short is an international entrepreneur and philanthropist whose dedication to developing logical transitions for environmental sustainability gave rise to the TESCF. As a contributing author to the original Earth Charter, Tommy worked alongside other environmental luminaries and activists to create a document which would transcend time and space to serve and protect our most precious resource: Mother Earth.

Based in San Diego, CA, Tommy actively facilitates the growth and development of other non-profit organizations whose mission aligns with the Earth Charter document, as well as generously contributing to the Earth Charter Initiative directly. He is driven to facilitate the success of the Charter by educating policy-makers and business owners on the benefits to incorporating it's principles into daily practice. To learn more about the Earth Charter and it's 16 principles, CLICK HERE.

Tommy's business acumen has given rise to dozens of successful business ownerships and operations, including food and beverage, entertainment promotion and LEED certified design/build construction industries. Tommy's international interests extend beyond the US, into Central and South America, Europe and Asia. Tommy is a true pioneer in the conscious capitalism space having donated more than five million dollars to initiatives aligning with his values and the mission of the Foundation.

Tommy has served as:

Chairman of the Institute of Noetic Sciences

Co-Founder and Chairman of The Earth Council Alliance

U.S. Commissioner of The Earth Charter

Honorary Professor of The Environmental Management College of China

Founding Sponsor of The United Nations World Environment Day in San Francisco

Tommy has 3 children, a daughter, Lauren, and twin boys, Cooper and Peyton, who are his inspiration to promote logical and sustainable business transitions. He enjoys sailing, exploring the world, creating art and music, and spending time with those he loves. Tommy can be reached at: tommyeshort@mac.com.