2017 Tommy E Short Charitable Foundation




A passion for the arts, the environment, and our youth, is at the heart of the Tommy E. Short Charitable Foundation. The foundation’s goal is to enrich lives through educational and inspirational experiences. A proactive strategy is implemented to create, collect, and develop successful concepts. Through synergistic alliancesand associations the foundation strives to advance those concepts for the greater good.



Founded on the principles of the Earth Charter document, TESCF has a rich history of making charitable donations, actively participating in the promotion of nonprofit organizations and enriching local communities by providing a space for artistic expression.

TESCF is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the exploration of human potential and the advancement of sustainable living.  With targeted promotion of the Earth Charter document, TESCF fulfills its mission by raising awareness of the 16 principles outlined in the publication and offering logical solutions to today's transitional problems for a more sustainable future. The foundation further fulfills its mission by enhancing art education for youth in local communities and by providing space for people to gather and collaborate on issues which can enrich the entire community and world.

Today, initiatives are focused on implementation of the Earth Charter document into large enterprises and local governments for use in practical ways with logical pathways to build sustainable practices throughout society. The Earth Charter document helps businesses and governments alike, align with earth and all of life's mysteries in way that supports all complex systems involved. 

TESCF Supports...

Since 2001 TESCF has been  based in San Diego, CA and has given over $5 million to various groups and causes. Some of them are listed here:

Earth Charter International

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Community Foundation Sept 11 Fund

Red Cross Relief

Multiple Sclerosis Society

St. Jude
Boys and Girls Club

Boy Scouts of America

Children's Hospital

William Jefferson Clinton Foundation

Earth Council Foundation

Humane Society of USA

Nature Conservancy

United Way

March of Dimes

Susan B. Komen

Oriental Environmental Institute

Surfriders Foundation

Mindshare Foundation

Hydrogen Now

Roots of Peace

Idea Wild

Essential Elements


Center for Development of Social Finance

Clean Fuels Foundation

Harris Bilingual

Sound of America

Ions Fund for the Future

New Dimensions Radio

Earth Council Alliance


Coop America Foundation

Lambda Community Center

Downtown Business Association

Fort Collins Police Services

Poudre School District

Imagine Fort Collins

House Majority Project

Toddler Learning Center

Kids First School

Kin Cure Autism